Visa Vs. eVisa

Everything you need to know abou the difference between an elctronic travel visa vs. a regular travel visa.

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Let start with the similaritiesthe evisa serves the exact same purpose as the ‘regular’ travel visa. Both are official documents that allow travelers to enter a foreign country for a certain amount of time (provided that country requires an entry visa)

Visa Vs. eVisa Application

The main difference between a regular travel visa and an e-Visa is the fact that the evisa (aka e-visa, electronic visa), is obtained online. You can apply for an evisa either through the government website, or by using one of the professional evisa service providers.

Using a Visa Vs. eVisa

Unlike a regular visa, which is added to your passport as a stamp or sticker, an evisa is sent to you by email. In order to use it you need to print out the evisa approval on a white, A4 paper, which you can then present at the port of entry.

Visa Vs eVisa Requirements

The requirements for obtaining a visa and an evisa are pretty much the same. In both cases you will need to present detailed personal information, your travel history and your passport. The main difference here is the means by which you present the information and documentation.

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