The Visa Dictionary

Discover all the Different Types of Visas

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Visa – a visa (aka travel visa or entry visa) is an official document that grants foreign visitors permission to enter to enter a country. In addition for allowing entry to the country, visas usually include certain limitations regarding the duration of stay, certain territory limitations, and whether or not the visitor is permitted to work in that country.

In order to obtain am entry visa travelers normally required to visit the embassy of the country issuing the visa and present certain documents and information. Once approved the visa is attached to your passport as a sticker or stamp, allowing you to present it easily at the port of entry.

eVisa – the evisa (aka electronic visa, e visa or e-visa) is basically a quicker and more accessible alternative to the regular visa, since it can be obtained entirely online, without the need to visit the embassy of the issuing country.

However, not every country that requires an entry visa currently offers an e visa.

In order to apply for an e visa all you need to do is go to the government website of the desired country, or use an online evisa service provider. 

Visa On Arrival (VOA) – a visa on arrival, as the name suggests is a type of entry visa granted at the port of entry to the country

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) – since it is obtained online, the ETA is often confused with the electronic visa. However, unlike the e visa, which is an electronic visa, the ETA is an entry authorization permit that certain countries require from visa-exempt visitors.

Tourist Visa – a tourist Visa is a type of entry visa that allows you to enter a country for vacation and travel purposes only, usually for a relatively short amount of time.

Work Visa – a work visa is an entry visa that allows foreign nationals to, enter, live and work in the issuing country, a certain amount of time. Each country offers foreign nationals different types of work visas, depending on their trade, duration of stay and other factors.

You can see the types of temporary US work visas here, for example.

Medical Visa – a medical visa is granted to foreign nationals traveling to a country for medical reasons, such as to get a certain treatment, surgery or any other medical procedure.