Countries Offering the eVisa

These are all the governments that offer an e-visa option for visitors entering the country, along with direct links to the official government websites and / or e-visa application systems:

  1. Angolaonline visa service of the Republic of Angola
  2. Antigua and Barbuda –  official government eVisa website
  3. Armaniathe official E-VISA Issuance System of the Republic of Armenia
  4. Australia – Australian Government evisitor online application
  5. Azerbaijan – Republic of Azerbaijan Electronic Visa Application System
  6. Bahrain –  the Kingdom of Bahrain eVisa System
  7. Bangladesh – online application for Bangladesh e-visa 
  8. Benine-Visa Benin
  9. BrazilBrazil eVisa online application
  10. Cambodia – the official government website of the Kingdom of Cambodia
  11. Canada – Government of Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  12. DjiboutiDjibouti evisa website
  13. EthiopiaEthiopian evisa
  14. Gabon – Electronic Travel Autorisation of Gabon
  15. Georgia – the official e-Visa portal
  16. India – Indian government online portal for visa application to India
  17. Kenyaofficial Kenya evisa application portal
  18. Kuwait – State of Kuwait’s evisa website
  19. Moldova – Entry visa to the Republic of Moldova
  20. Myanman BurmaMyanmar online eVisa application
  21. New ZealandOnline visa application
  22. Omanonline visa services of the Sultanate of Oman
  23. Rwanda – Republic of Rwanda’s official online visa application
  24. Sao Tome and Principe – 
  25. Singapore – Singapore government electronic visa application
  26. St. Kitts and Nevis – government of St. Kitts and Nevis online visitor application
  27. Sri Lanka – Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) official website of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
  28. Turkeyelectronic visa application system of the Republic of Turkey
  29. United Arab Emirates the official portal of the UAE government
  30. UgandaUganda Electronic Visa/Permit Application System
  31. Ukraine – Issuance of e-visa for entering Ukraine
  32. Uzbekistan online visa application for Thr Republic of Uzbekistan
  33. Vietnam Vietnam online visa application
  34. Zambiaelectronic visa application system of the Republic of Zambia
  35. ZimbabweeVisa Zimbabwe